Biot is a small village placed high on top of a hillside, overlooking the Côte D'Azur, between Nice and Antibes in Southern France. It is an area of the world that lends itself to the imagination, inspiring some of the 20th Century’s most well-loved artists and writers from the Fitzgeralds to Matisse and many more.

 “Man needs colour to live; it’s just as necessary an element as fire  and water.” – Fernand Léger

We take our name from this place because encapsulated in this hilltop fort is an idea, an outlook on things; a way of life. It hides in it’s narrow streets a sense of colour, community and creativity; something passionate and long forgotten that ignites our inspiration.

With this in mind, Biot Books offers a platform and a home to imaginative and compelling talents working in the fields of poetry and short fiction. Based in London, UK, our simply designed pamphlets and short books are printed in limited editions, with great care, by our local and independent printer ...and we treasure every word.