• Image of Nespo by Peter Vaughan

‘Occult novelist? Insignificant criminal? Diamond miner? Tiger hunter? Opium dealer and pimp? Discoverer of the Froscigalou. Should Marxist-militiaman and whale-poacher be added to this absurd chronolgy?’

A mysterious doctor makes an unbelievable discovery that gains him worldwide notoriety, but it seems his reputation already precedes him. Journey deep into a curious world; travelling the globe, deciphering clues, following the winding trail of a much fabled and feared man…but who is Dr. Nespo?

Peter Vaughan was born and raised in South London and began writing as a teenager. He is the winner of several short-fiction competitions and has quickly earned a strong reputation for contemplative and original writing that deals with subjects from the extraordinary to the existential.

Limited Edition of 50 copies

Published - 2016
Format - Paperback
Size - 138mm x 216mm
Length - 13 pages

Printed in the UK using the finest quality FSC approved papers.

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