• Image of Waiting To Be Eaten by Will Ritson

Waiting To Be Eaten is a short collection of poems utilising the themes of patience, uncertainty and death to display, with a subtle and informed perspective, what it means to be facing the unknown. Greatly inspired by experiences on the southern coasts of France and Cornwall, there is a strong sense of ocean depths and absorbing landscapes that flow through this premiere collection.

Will Ritson is a poet, musician and notably, founder of Biot Books. Born in South London, he grew up among choirs, orchestras and the bedrooms of local musicians and now performs internationally as the lead vocalist in a band. His sense of lyricism and simplicity create the backbone of a succinct poetic style. With work previously published by the likes of Forward Poetry, this is his first collection for Biot.

Limited Edition of 50 copies

Published - 2016
Format - Paperback
Size - 138mm x 216mm
Length - 15 pages

Printed in the UK using the finest quality FSC approved papers.

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